ARTIST’S STATEMENT I am an artist whose work delves into the depths of childhood emotional memories. Through my art, I embark on a journey to unearth and express the intricate tapestry of emotions that have woven themselves into my adult life. These emotions encompass a spectrum that ranges from sadness and fear to anger, loneliness, vulnerability, and occasionally, moments of happiness.

In my artistic endeavours, I strive to capture these memories in their purest form. Sometimes, my creations take the shape of complete scenes, vividly depicting the essence of a particular memory. At other times, they evolve into clusters of interconnected recollections, weaving together the threads of my past. And yet, there are instances where my work manifests as fragments, offering a glimpse into the profound impact of a single memory.

Through my art, I invite you to join me on this introspective journey, where the canvas becomes a portal into the rich tapestry of my childhood emotions, inviting reflection and connection with the essence of our shared human experience.

Process In my artistic process, I seamlessly blend a diverse array of mediums and techniques. Digital artistry lays the foundation, allowing me to explore boundless creativity and precision. Acrylic paint bursts with vibrant life on my canvas, lending depth and emotion to each piece. Tissue paper adds a tactile dimension, creating intricate textures that beckon touch. Photography captures fleeting moments and fuels my imagination, while traditional paint application ties it all together. This harmonious fusion of digital innovation and tangible materials defines my unique approach to art, guiding my hands as I craft each piece.